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 Waava Metalband AU.
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I’m not sure what I’m doing with photoshop anymore. ;o; 
I just wanted to edit all my fave fan art for this AU
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Prepare your feels! Your talent! Your Waavaness!
After a cool Waava Secret Santa, and a not-so-successful Waava Valentines. Fuckyeahwaava brings you a Waava Week!
Starting from October 12 and finishing in October 18, the Waava Anniversary day.
The main prompts are simple, for you to do with them whatever you want. Because that’s how things are done better in our ship, right? (◕‿◕✿) Love ya.

Day One - Inmortal
Day Two - Strenght
Day Three - Heartfelt
Day Four - Breathing
Day Five - Touch
Day Six - Broken
Day Seven - The only way

Are you into Metalband AU (I’m looking at you, SS)?

Prompt #1 - Rhythm
Prompt #2 - Up in the sky
Prompt #3 - Butt

If you’re high enough, here’s a special prompt for you:

Why are you looking at that bitch

If you have any question regarding Waava Week (or anything else), you can ask here or here. 
Keep not-cold!
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If you’re wondering what’s up with the prompts, this is one of them:

  • Why are you looking at that bitch.

I just need a cool graphic to post them, lol